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KBOB 89.9 FM Tulsa Black Community Radio 1921 A variety of Talk shows

KBOB 89.9 FM Tulsa Black Community Radio 1921

A variety of Talk shows

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  1. The young people that are in their 30’s who refuse to take the vaccine, and not wearing masks are the most that’s in the hospitals dying

  2. I wear two to three masks, with surgical gloves, and I have my card showing I’ve been vaccinated. I’m taking no chances, because I still carry hand sanitizer in my pocket when I’m out in about to take care business.

  3. It’s just a matter of time before it’s mandatory to have the vaccine to travel, go in restaurants, go to school, or anything to do with just living!!! Seems to me they will make you take this vaccine just to live your life!!! Somethings not right about this.

  4. I’m fully vaccinated & I will not vaccinate my children. I will amp up on supplements when school starts. And wait & watch what happens

  5. Because it’s all about the money, the economy, the children can be in school, the economy so parents can work. It’s going to stay open until a certain amount of people die, before they shut everything down. It’s the reality of the United States of America being spoiled brats. People’s lives dose not seem to be top priority.

  6. Trust me there are side effects from the vaccines we took as children. There is one that’s hug but I have to be careful what I say and how I say it.

  7. The research data on pediatric patients isn’t as thorough as the adults. I can’t trust the numbers. It is highly possible I’m over analyzing this. But I’ll wait. I waited close to two months after my fellow coworkers at the hospital received their vaccine to see what happened. Doing the same with my kids…for now…will not vaccinate them with the Covid vaccine

  8. The federal government has mandated all federal employees to take the vaccine. If employees refuse to they will be looking for a new job.

  9. There should be a law for development of health to inspect all appointments for healthy living conditions, to fine the apartment owners, give them 30 to 60 days to fix the problems, restrict the owners from raising the rent, unless the renters causes the damages. If the owners continue the negative land lord behavior shut them down.

  10. The United States should have all boycotted the Olympics when they did this to Simone!!! I’m surprised that none of the Black Athletes didn’t protest this prejudice towards our young sister!!! I’m done watching the Olympics