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KBOB 89.9FM- Community Radio – Black Wall Street Tulsa, Oklahoma Tulsa Black Co

KBOB 89.9FM- Community Radio – Black Wall Street Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa Black Community Radio

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  1. I feel honored an proud to be able to listen to you young, beautiful, articulate black women share your perspectives. I hope and pray you guys carry the torch forward and share our story and correct the lies embedded in HIS-story.

  2. Doesn’t it take the self empowerment, self motivation, career goals for a job career that you have always wanted to be in until your retirement. You may have to work a job or Jobs until you get into the job you want to work at until retirement, because you still have to put food on the table. That’s strength within yourself. I see women empower other women in the south more the south. I said that

  3. What do you ladies think about men teaching young boys what it take to be a man when the father is not in the home. My mother was married, but put my step-dad out of the house. She made sure my brothers, and I was connected to the black men in the community. I’ve raised other male relatives in my home, and they all have turned out to be great young men.

  4. I still look up to my mother to this day, even while she’s in heaven. The biggest thing my mother encouraged me to believe, and focus on was the importance of family. I moved around the most was during my military career. My mother felt it’s always important to stay home, so she is why I moved back in the south where I’m from. Your mothers will never lead, and guide their children down the roads that will do their children harm.

  5. I have always said to myself, if I worry or be concern about negative things people or someone may say or think about me I’ll be stunning my Owen growth in the knowledge, and wisdom that God has given me to be the man that I am to this day. Being a loving, caring, protector, provider, God Fearing, encouraging, etc……man who love connecting with the community.

  6. Yes, my Dad made sure as kids that we had a vacation every year even if he had to starve all year long. I never understood the importance until I was grown. Now that both parents are gone I appreciate those lasting memories and life lessons. We had so much fun that my brother and I didn’t realize we were learning about history and our heritage on most of those trips.